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SDCC Spotlight: Ray Sumser, Creator of “The Comicosm”

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With the comic community growing at an alarmingly-fast pace, some stories and characters start to blend together, but artist Ray Sumser does it on purpose! I really wish you guys could have seen this HUGE painting of hundreds of our favorite characters, battling across a never ending sea of bodies. It’s called The Comicosm, an epic name, to say the least. Ray is the sole artist behind the project and he knew just about every character I shouted out. From The Animaniacs to Godzilla, this guy had everybody. A crowd of people surrounded him, with those in the front row shouting out names. We were all surprised by not only the number of characters but also the intricacy with which they were included  in The Comicosm.

This sliver is just one fraction of the whole painting. In trying to identify the famous characters in this bit, the most obvious thing to me is Captain America Vs. Duffman. I can also see Batman vs. Stephen Colbert. Also caught in the fray are Space Ghost, Dilbert, B.O.B, Snap, Crackle, and Pop. Beyond that, the rest of the characters are a complete mystery to me.

You can view the piece, as well as some of Ray’s other works, on his personal website and Facebook page. Poster prints of The Comicosm are available for order, but due to the mass popularity of Ray’s presentation at SDCC, they’re flying out of stock!




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