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Seamus and Abbie: An interview with IZZI


Tom and Jerry. Garfield and Odie. Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat.

Many great team ups in media history included at least one cat. Now, we can add another duo to this list.

I want to introduce you to Seamus and Abbie, a couple of interesting individuals. Seamus is a clinically depressed man trying to cope with life and Abbie is his cat. More than just being his cat, Abbie acts as a tether holding Seamus to life and showing him that there are still things to be happy about, even when dealing with something as debilitating as clinical depression.

Starting out as a web comic, Seamus and Abbie has garnered quite a following. Now, IZZI, creator of this great comic, is working on creating a physical printed copy of Seamus and Abbie, collecting the first volume of this story for fans to, literally, get their hands on.

Please take a look at two interviews that we have done talking about this great comic and this Indiegogo project, which is heading down the road to success, but could still use your support.


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