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Secret Weapons Has Arrived … and it’s Beautiful!


Secret WeaponsYesterday Valiant Comics  teased the world about an upcoming title.  The announcement told us that this June Eric Heisserer would be teaming with Raul Allen and Patricia Martin to bring a new book to life.

Heiserrer is an Academy Award nominee for best screen writer on the movie Arrival. He has been working with Valiant for some time now, he is also writing scripts for Valiant’s Harbinger and Bloodshot movies. The other parts of the creative team are exceptional additions as well -Raul Allen and Patricia Martin have both been nominated for Harvey Awards. This story and these characters have been bouncing around in Heiserrer’s head for quite some time. Valiant loved the idea but then kept it a secret, teasing it only yesterday.

Now, the secret is out.

The title is Secret Weapons and will be a four issue mini-series.  The book will be focused on a super powered character name Amanda McKee, code name Livewire,  who apparently is able to communicate with technology telepathically.

In her story, she finds a group of individuals, at least one based on a previous Valiant character, with similar powers and the story builds from there.

Valiant Entertainment CEO and CCO Dinesh Shamdasani commented on this project; “the first step in a long-term plan that will be more than well worth the wait,” And goes on, in speaking with  THR ; “Livewire is a comics icon in the making. She is beloved by fans and adored by creators … Finding the right stage for her to shine has been a top priority at Valiant for some time now and, with Secret Weapons, Eric and Raul have crafted something truly special. Not only is this a story quite unlike any Valiant has told to date, but Eric and Raul have created a host of new characters unlike any others in comics.”

Eric Heiserrer also spoke about the book he will be writing; “Of all the writing I’ve done in the last year, my heart is most in Secret Weapons and its collection of freaks, misfits and outcasts. And I think a story of a woman who’s shouldered such great burdens, now trying to rescue some lost souls and form a surrogate family, may be one of the most emotional stories I’ve put to paper.”

The book will be on comic book shelves on June 28th, ask you’re shop to add this to your pull list.

Here is a look at the interior artwork:

Secret Weapons Secret Weapons Secret Weapons




Secret Weapons

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