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Those Shadow People New Release “Light Siphon”

Those Shadow People

I absolutely love Those Shadow People. Not just the comic books either, everything about them. I’m trying to wrack my brain to think of something epic to say so people understand how grand of a venture it really is but what their doing is so special that it’s hard to put into words. creating is hard, time consuming, frustrating, and collaborating is a major part of the equation that is so tough. To create a comic it takes a writer and usually at least three artists, of course those things can be intertwined but in general it take about three or more people to create. Music is similar in the fact that several people need to be on the same page to create something special. Now imagine yourself trying to work out not just one but two creative teams and have both teams convey the same message through their art. Wow, that can’t be easy, but the men and woman behind Nematode Records have really hit a stride and are making collaborative tracks on a level that some musicians never get to, and that goes double for the fact they are making comics to go with the music.


As a comic book Those Shadow People is everything a top publisher would expect but the major difference is that it’s secondary and complementary to the music. It helps to paint the music’s picture and serves its own storyline but listening to the music while reading the book is a true experience. It’s more than just a reading experience or a music experience, they both get me thinking in ways that very few things do. It’s not just thinking about the creative process either, the book itself is fun and get’s me entrenched in the characters while the music mellows me out and sooths the soul.

TSP Cover

Overall it’s just a fun experience. Those Shadow People are based in Denver Colorado so if there is ever a chance to see them in person I would take it. The music and comics can be found on Nematode’s website or here on Those Shadow People’s website. As always indie artists of all genres need our help and Those Shadow People will not dissapoint on either level! Give them a listen and hear it for yourself.

Light Siphon by Those Shadow People

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