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Shocking Secret Wars News

may the fourth

Marvel just dropped some huge announcements this week leading into the Secret Wars summer event. There will be new books, new romances, genderswaps, cancellations, and a whole lot more. Suffice it to say, the Marvel Universe will never be the same again. Check out some of the biggest news, rumors, and shake-ups below!

Ms._MarvelMs. Marvel: Cancelled

In the biggest shock of the week, Marvel announced it would cancel their critically acclaimed Ms. Marvel in September. Series writer G. Willow Wilson is going to wrap the series up in issue #17, in a finale two-parter where Kamala teams up with Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales. Word on the web is Kamala and Miles will be getting their own team-up book after Secret Wars, but nothing’s been confirmed yet. Given how popular both these characters are right now, it’s fair to say a monthly might be a likely outcome.

rocketgrootGuardians of the Galaxy: Rocket/Groot Romance?

Fresh off the success of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Groot and Rocket have become fan favorites. So beloved, in fact, a Twitter and Tumblr hastag popped up calling for more focus on these characters as friends – and, well, maybe more than just friends. The rumor mill is now in working double time over talk of a possible Rocket/Groot romance following the events of Secret Wars. No word if this relationship status update will affect the upcoming sequel.

Superior_Iron_ManIron Man: Tony Stark Genderswap

Given the success of the new female Thor series, Marvel’s now eying a female Iron Man post-Secret Wars. Female-led titles such as Ms. Marvel and Spider-Gwen have certainly made a splash in recent years and it seems Marvel wants to cash in on this trend while they can. Perhaps it’s time for Iron Man to become an Iron Maiden? No word if Tony Stark will be replaced by a female hero, or if Tony’s going to undergo some kind of transformation. Whatever happens, it’s certain to get people talking.

fin-fang-foomThe Return of Fin Fang Foom: New Monthly Series

After seeing how fans reacted to Howard the Duck #1, Marvel announced its plans to update this classic Iron Man antagonist with his own monthly series. For those who don’t know, Fin Fang Foom is a dragon creature from the planet Kakaranathara and has squared off against many of Marvel’s biggest heroes over the years. The creative team hasn’t been announced yet, but Alex Alonso has teased that the new monthly will feature appearances by Howard the Duck, She-Hulk, and Spider-Woman.

By the way, happy April Fool’s Day, everybody.

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