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Silent Horror- Free Fun For Horror Manga Fans

Silent Horror


Tapastic is pretty fantastic. You can read free comics from comic creators all over the world, from novices to professionals. The subject matter and variety is a wide, so there’s all sorts of genres you can read: comedy, crime drama, action, superhero, etc.

Silent Horror is a good collection of horror manga from an artist named K.S. I love horror manga, especially from Junji Ito, so this collection appeals to me. The comic falls in the vein of Japanese horror comics, and the comic artist’s profile on Tapastic states that the creator is from Malaysia. It’s appropriately named, as there is no dialogue, which makes it easy for the action and pictures to speak to a universal audience without a written language barrier.


Some of the stories end with scary endings, dark endings, the type of finishers one would think a comic has. The comic artist seems to work hard at not being too predictable, though some may guess an ending, and others may be completely surprised by what happens. Along with the dark endings, though, there are comical stories- stories that may start dark but end up being funny, which gives the series some comic relief. Each comic is different, as there is no continuous storyline, and each little episode is it’s own small story.


Silent Horror even has a Patreon page where you can support the comic. This is a cool option for creators who may release comic pages for free, out of love for the artform, while still getting financial support from fans of the comic as help and a show of appreciation.

Click the link above or check the comic out at:

Along with supporting them through Patreon, you can also support the comic on Google Play!

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