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Simone’s Secret Six re(debut) in December

Secret Six

The fans have spoken.  Actually, the fans have been speaking, or rather, yelling, for years now.  And thankfully, the powers that be at DC Comics have finally answered.  This December, a brand new number one to a soon-to-be classic ongoing series will hit the stands.  Writer Gail Simone is returning to the book that took her from recognizable to famous.  That’s right: Secret Six is making its New 52 debut!


Who will be joining Ms. Simone on the book?  Dale Eaglesham will be providing character redesigns and updates as well as covers for the series.  And Ken Lashley will be providing interior artwork for the series.  According to Simone, the series will feature a cast of six mysterious strangers who hate one another but have to learn to work together in order to complete their missions and survive.  It’ll be like another Suicide Squad book, but written by Simone and probably slightly more awesome.  The only two characters she talked about being on the team were Black Alice and Catman, but I’m sure there will be several other fan favorites added to the roster before its December release.

Will you be picking up the first issue of Secret Six?  I know I will be.

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