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Sink #1 Review

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Story by John Lees
Art and Colours by Alex Cormack
Letters by Colin Bell
Logo by Tim Daniel
For Comix Tribe

I have a lot of pride in the place that I live, most of us do, it helps define us as humans and gives us a sense of comradery. It’s the culture of the place, the people, their heritage, and all the little things that blend a city into what it is. Sink starts off centered around a small group of folks in Glasgow Scotland as they finish off their night of drinking and joking around. Most of the conversation is dominated by a slightly drunk and cocky scottish man named Allen who seems to be very proud of his city and heritage but unfortunately for Allen he doesn’t really understand what Glasgow is like after dark. It doesn’t take long for Sink to go really dark after Allen misses the last bus out of town and into his safe suburb. The story and writing is actually a well balanced mix of cultural examples of speech while also having a terrifying take on the Glasgow underworld. Clearly the horrors that Allen is subjected to are a bit over the top but the imagination that Lees has in his writing is nearly endless. Lees paints a grim picture of the seedy Glasgow underworld and the creepy people that make it up. Even the protagonist is hard as rocks and not very inviting but compared to the criminals he is a saint.

Cormack’s art is what really does this book justice. The character design is what sticks out the most because the creepy writing can only go so far without the visual representation. Allen and his friends, also the other normal folks at the bar, are all normal folks, their facial expressions and mannerisms are consistent and complementary to the writing. Allen is set up perfectly for the hellish night within the first four or five pages. Allen’s journey begins to take a left turn quickly and the art style becomes something different and much darker, the first tease of the darkness comes from a slightly creepy looking bus driver that denies Allen a ride. As Allen turns around and the bus pulls off the reveal of the back being all bloody and nasty is the first taste into the crazy that follows. From there Allen falls into it with a group of nasty guys looking to get his murder on film and he’s saved by a guy in a fox mask. The criminals looking to murder Allen as well as the guy in the fox mask are both equally as scary and the fight scene between them is like a ballet of nasty fighting that doesn’t spare the blood and gore. Lees is a true artist the way he makes the sequential art flow with the story and I think Sink has the potential to become one of the best indie horror comics series in this coming year.

If you want to check out Sink and sign up for some free stuff go to their website or visit their Faceook page.  If you want to check out any other Comix Tribe comic you can visit their website.

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