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Sinners #1 Review


Writer by Simon Birks
Artist by RH Stewart
Letterer by Lyndon White
Cover by Lyndon White
Story by Simon Birks and Dan Thorens

Comic books are so layered that there is room for everything to shine; the different aspects of the art, the way the lettering compliments said art, and of course writing. As a writer with absolutely no artistic skill I truly appreciate a well written comic book. I can see a lot of times one or the other of the aspects get pushed down to let the other shine brighter but with Sinners there is room for everything.

Sinners 1

The art of Sinners has a wide range of colors that I consider to be from the pastel color palettes. There are light colors that blend together and paint a dirty grimy picture, but then there are lighter colors that brighten up darker parts of the book, while the dark parts themselves are haunting and brooding. The versatility of the art and the way that RH Stewart uses the color spectrum is simply beautiful. As wonderful and good looking the art is it’s not what pulls together the overall feel of the art, that is done with the lettering. Lyndon White has a lettering style that I haven’t seen before and it compliments Stewart’s art in a way that really pulls it all together.

Sinners 2

I love heady writing. What I mean by heady is a style that many good writers use where they let the feeling of the character and flow of book intertwine to drive the story. The main character’s thought process and feelings that are articulated in captions is what really drives the art style home and White’s lettering is more than complimentary, it helps to shape the feel of the story as well as the art. Without spoilers I can say that the writing style is almost intoxicating, it grabbed me and held on tight throughout the entire book, and there is something to be said for that quality.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in reading you can visit Simon Birks own website, Simon’s Twitter, Facebook, and the Sinner’s Comic Facebook page.

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