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Small Press Sunday: New Worlds Comics

New Worlds comics

Here at Comic Booked we try to be open to every small publisher. The problem with that is that everyone with a new comic or comic company sends us requests for reviews. Sadly, I do not have a huge team of writers at my disposal (although that is getting better), and time to review comics is not infinite. I try to get to all of them. This week, I am reviewing a new company, New Worlds Comics, and two great new digital comic books that they just launched on February 26, 2014, Goof #1 and Wynter #1.

I always enjoy reading new comics and finding out about new companies. With New Worlds Comics there is the added bonus of their commitment to quality art and a major focus on the creator having control of each book. Check out their manifesto:

  • Top-notch original stories. We’re dedicated to originality and quality.
  • A story is a writer’s dream. The essence of a story comes from the very core of the writer. One writer shouldn’t handle another’s story. One writer, one story – all the way through.
  • All stories have endings. A series that doesn’t have an ending won’t have a middle. It will tread water in the same place, as many comic book series do. The middle is an exciting part of the story. As is the ending, even if it’s sad that it is the end.

Guy Hasson, the CEO of New Worlds Comics explained this by saying that “some series will end after 12 issues, some after 50. Some more. But all will end.” I like the idea that they are not designed to go on forever with no jumping on and off points. Other companies design their comics to rope you in so you always feel like you will miss something. In this way, it allows the reader to choose what to read. He does however mention prequels and sequels are a possibility. So what else does their manifesto contain?

  • No continuity. We’re here to create new worlds, not one new world. Each title will be true to its own continuity but will not be a part of other titles’ universes.
  • Only the best artists for us. Graphic artists should create art, not product. Our comic books are art, not a product.
  • Artists should be treated as artists. It’s hard making a living as an artist. Artists should be paid each time someone buys their art, regardless of having been paid for doing the work. Every time you buy a comic book, the artist and writer of that work gets a very nice percentage.
  • Women are heroes. In New World Comics, most (not all) of our titles will have women as the protagonists. If you think women can’t be heroes (super- or otherwise), look out the window. Female secondary characters, even in titles that have men as protagonists, will also be real women. Check out Liz Wynter in Wynter #1 to see what we mean.

This all sounds like a breath of fresh air in an industry that many feel has become a little too predictable, at least with some of the bigger publishers.

I want to cover both books that New Worlds Comics currently has for sale, Wynter and Goof.

New Worlds ComicsGoof #1 – This book is really summed up in one great line from Captain Gorgeous’ journal. “My life is like a roll of toilet paper stuck to my shoe.” He is a superhero with all the powers but bad luck seems to follow him around. Add to this that he is soon to have a “performance evaluation” by the aliens that gave him his powers and those powers don’t work around his family or when he is unfocused and you have all the makings for a great comedy superhero story. I really laughed at this one and am very excited to see the story continue. The colors were great and the art was just cartoony enough to fit with the overall feel of the story. From the creative team of Guy Hasson and Guillermo Ramirez, check out this great new monthly comic.

New Worlds ComicsWynter #1 – Mankind has spread out across the universe. There are so many people that there is truly “nothing new under the sun”. Things get even sadder when you have a computer system in your head telling you statistics about how truly un-special you are compared to everyone else in the universe. Nothing you think is new, nothing you feel is new, and not even your DNA is unique. What happens when the software that makes you who you are ends up being smarter than you? This book is a very interesting treatment of rebellious youth and technology. Again written by Guy Hasson, this is a really cool story. I love the characters and the twists. The art is amazing as Aron Elekes paints some wonderful scenes and is so good with facial expressions that you can read all the emotions between characters. Wynter #1 is out now and will be published every two months.

One thing to note about New Worlds Comics is that they are an independent, digital-comic-book publisher. Their comics can be found on the iTunes store. I will say that I am impressed with their quality and the plan that Guy Hasson has presented.

I will leave you with this from the head writer and CEO, Guy Hasson:

New Worlds Comics is a dream of artistic freedom. If you can bleed on a page, if you have a unique vision, if you know how to tell a story, and if you have something that hasn’t been seen anywhere else, we may have a place for you here. As it becomes relevant and possible to employ new writers, I’ll post at our website the criteria for sending your stuff to us. The same deal goes for artists.

Thanks for joining us for this Small Press Sunday column. I hoped you enjoyed this review of New Worlds Comics and I encourage you to surf on over and check out this new digital publisher and their great comics books.

Join us next week for more Small Press Sunday!

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