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Small Press Sunday Roundup: May 4, 2014

Horror Spotlight

May the Fourth be with you today. Nice to see so many new faces here to peruse the offerings of small press publishers far and wide. There are some great things, some good things, and some things included this week, you decide which is which. Without further adieu, let the Small Press Sunday

Small Press SundayThaniel #2 – A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed the first issue of a new comic from OSSM Comics, Thaniel #1, so if you missed that, go catch up. This week, I am including a review of issue #2 written by Omar Spahi with awesome art by Terry Huddleston. Thaniel now faces off against the enemy he has been searching for, a pusher known as Triangle, who actually turns out to be his old friend Casey. As he prepares to battle his friend, he is more than a little surprised by a bomb that destroys the building… The next part of this issue is a flashback to two years ago. We are introduced to a troubled Thaniel, fighting and getting into trouble, but with friends who look out for him. He has a fight with his mom and says some awful things and, before he can apologize, she dies in a car accident. This makes Thaniel’s life even more difficult. Suddenly, when begging for answers, he manifests powers of teleportation and the ability to create a costume and weapons out of thin air. He kills two guys who where assaulting another person. From then on, his mission is clear as he tries to balance the scales with the deaths of evil people. As time goes by, Thaniel kills and he slowly loses his friends. As the flashback ends, we are brought back to the present. What will happen to Thaniel? Will he survive the blast? Check out this great new comic at your LCS.

Small Press SundayArt Monster #1 & #2 – From the mind of Jeremy Holt and with some great looking black and white art by Francesca Ciregia, Art Monster is a tale that weaves together the artistic and the macabre to bring something altogether different to the readers. This is a cool twist on the Frankenstein story, using art as the driving force behind Victor’s obsession with things not alive. As the story begins, Vic is an art student at a prestigious school and has been there for seven years with no major selected. He has tried everything to find his true calling, but just does not find anything intriguing enough… until he meets Ivan, a man with a twisted sense of humor and an even more twisted sense when it comes to art. He uses taxidermied animals in his artwork. This is just the spark, pardon the pun, that Vic needs as he now knows that perhaps his calling is not to just pose dead animals or lifeless objects, but to bring life to his art. I am very interested in seeing the third installment in the series. I think they have a good one on their hands. You can check this out on ComiXology brought to you by Monkey Brain Comics.

Small Press SundayGoof #2 – Finally this week, from writer Guy Hasson and artist Borja Pindado comes the continuing story of Captain Gorgeous, a not so graceful superhero given powers by space aliens. He has a crush on Melody Malone and this issue sees him super-stalking her. While he may be invulnerable and able to fly, he is not very good around women. Meanwhile, the aliens that gave Gorgeous his powers are being visited by the super-heroes of their world, Captain Poopdee-Pants and Captain Crapdee-Pants… yeah, that crazy alien potty humor. I laughed for a full minute. The aliens are out to stop Captain Gorgeous, but they prove as inept as he is. Very funny stuff. You have to check this comic out and if you missed my review of issue one, check it out here. After repeated attempts, the alien Zik are finally able to notify Captain Gorgeous of their demands. What happens next is anyone’s guess, but you can be Captain Gorgeous will be there to break something. Check out at New Worlds Comics.Small Press Sunday

I really appreciate our small press publishers for continuing to count on us to get the word out about their great comics. I hope you found something entertaining and maybe a new favorite comic or at least something new to check out. Tune in next week for some more great comics right here on Small Press Sunday.

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