Spin-Offs Are Becoming Extremely Popular Among Comic Fans


Spin-offs have become more and more popular on both comics and television and such adapted comics for being played on screen are derivatives of what they came from such as the Flash being a character on Arrow. Judging from the comics’ point of view, they are displaying connection as well as be written after previous characters.

There are a lot of characters which have started in new series and ones even made some characters of their own. Spin-offs have taken the real world by storm as there are many merchandise and features such as Batman slot games which perfectly depict the way a character is portrayed in the comics.

Some spin-off characters are leading their own stories in most fortunate cases as they have their own adventures and are frequently almost separated from the characters from whom they were inspired by.

The Young Marvels

Captain Marvel, mostly regarded as Shazam is a perfect replica of the character of Superman as his history is picture perfect and also predates the Man of Steel by twenty years. The Lieutenant Marvels came out to the world in 1941 but never enjoyed the same amount of success as Captain Marvel.

They often acted as the acolytes of Captain Marvel and Cap Jr. as well as Mary Marvel, and  gained a whole lot of attention from fans thus becoming main characters in their own storylines. Some elements of their apparel frequently made references to Elvis Presley.


This character was solely regarded as the female version of Wolverine and has occupied a spot in the Marvel Universe ever since 2004. She generated a lot of fans during her first appearance in the X-Men: Evolution cartoon and is portrayed as a girl in her teens which has the same powers as Wolverine and is trained to be a high-class assassin after being taken in by the X-Men.

She is extremely popular as she has starred in a couple of solo titles over the last couple of years, including the Avengers Arena as well as the Avengers Academy. She is now training with some of the original X-Men and even features some elements of romance in her story.


A lot of speculation was raised by Batwoman’s first appearance in the late 50’s. She is portrayed as a young socialite who fell in love with Batman and wanted to change her boring life to a more adventurous one by patterning her lifestyle after Batman. There has been a huge surge in popularity as the character was pushed by DC in order to raise some issues in terms of the character and her sexuality. Rumor has it that there are some plans for Batwoman to appear in more important depictions next to a plethora of other characters from the DC universe.

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