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Spirit’s Destiny #1 Review

Spirit's Destiny

Creator/Writer Dorphise Jean
Consultant Dennis Knight
Pencils/Colors/Cover Zack Dolan
Penciler Pg’s 1-20 Edwin Galmon
Penciler Pg 21 Saint Yak
Penciler Pg’s 22 – 27 Richard Perotta and Alexander Malyshev
Inker /Cover Ink Laurie Foster
Colorist Alexander Malyshev
Letterer Alex Giles
Editor Allyssa Cinquina
Co-Editor Kevin Woolfork
Character Design Terry Alec

SD 4

Sometimes when I do indie comic reviews I say that the book personifies indie creation because it has certain qualities that fit my personal criteria. I feel that there are many ways to personify the indie world and one of them is for the creator to use their lives as examples or for them to draw from their surroundings to create a new world and characters. Everyone has a hero in them and I believe that Destiny is Dorphise Jean’s inner hero.

The story and introduction to Spirit’s Destiny is something that is done at a pro level. The foreshadowing and character development start off with a bang as an awesome soldier looking guy breaks into a house and tries to give a child a shot of something. The foreshadowing and set up for the further character involvement is really good because as we read we find out that the soldier guy is Destiny’s father. Like I said the foreshadowing of more to come from the father is great but the story doesn’t end from there. Destiny’s character development is what really drives the story until the ending cliffhanger. What I like most about Destiny is the every woman feel she has. She is a high schooler dealing with high school issues but her plight in life is very realistic and relatable. This is the superhero woman of color that should have been a character in one of the big two’s universe; she is relatable, tough as nails, smart as hell, and she can handle herself, everything that makes a hero a hero.

SD 3

The artist team is extensive and for different sections of the book; as seen in the credits, but they’re all in sync and every page moves seamlessly from one to the next. I had to go back and reread some of the pages just to catch the difference in artistry and I feel that’s a good thing in this circumstance. After really looking I can see small nuances but I think what really ties all of the pencils together is the inking. Foster is consistent but allows the pencilers style to remain true. The fact that I’m very familiar with Saint’s work but couldn’t really tell the difference between his pencil’s is testament to Foster’s skill.

If Spirit’s Destiny is something you think you will enjoy then you can check them out on social media sites; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Or head to Spirit’s Destiny website where you can get the book and other swag like hats and shirts.

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The time is right for a hero like Spirit’s Destiny! The art work, the back story, the quality of the series and the promise of what’s to come make this one to watch!!!

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