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Spirit’s Destiny #2 Kickstarter Preview

Spirit's Banner 2

Spirit’s Destiny is one of those books that rolled around as an idea in writer Dorphise Jean’s head for a while and after a successful first issue Jean decided to bring Spirit’s Destiny to Short Fuse Media Group. Everything about this project is exactly what I look for in a Kickstarter, a project that’s near and dear to the creators heart, and a solid company like Short Fuse that’s known for putting out quality product and delivering. I already reviewed issue one a while ago and was blown away by the thoughtful and involved storyline that featured a woman of color in the main roll so I’m extra excited to see how issue two pans out.

Beyond the idea of Spirit’s Destiny and the projects move to Short Fuse Media there are a ton of rewards that can fit any budget. What Short Fuse has always done right is start with inexpensive PDF rewards that includes issue one for only five dollars, but they didn’t stop there, there is also a reward tier that includes issue one hard copy for only a five dollars. The catch up rewards are always my favorite and they give new readers a chance to get into the action, even though I try to keep up on great Kickstarters like Spirit’s Destiny sometimes I miss out, so this time I pledged to get issues one and two hard copy. Unfortunately, even though I reviewed issue one, I missed out on the Kickstarter, so the catch up reward allowed me to get issues one and two so I’ll be ready for the issue three Kickstarter.

Issue #1 Cover

Some of the other rewards tiers cover the basics but one in particular I feel is very clever and exactly the sort of thing indie comics needs. For only one hundred and fifty dollars Short Fuse offers a huge package of comics that include a ton of variant covers and even one where the purchaser can be on the cover. I’ve always been a fan of fan appreciation that includes adding likeness to small part players but how cool would it be to be on a cover with the main character of the book? I think it’s a brilliant idea and the only thing keeping me from high fiving Destiny on the cover is my current money issues. Over all the price of the reward is not very much considering all the stuff that comes along with it so the value in reward tier is there and I highly suggest giving it a look. Other tiers have unique things as well; an action figure, T-Shirts, and of course an array of prints and variant covers from prominent indie artist.

Issue one and two are already finished and their well under way to issue three production as we speak. Spirit’s Destiny is live right now and has a few weeks left so head over to Kickstarter and pledge for some awesome rewards!

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