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Splat, Splat, Splat, Splat, Splat, Splatoon is Nintendo’s newest IP adding to their already legendary list of amazing titles. Splatoon is an online multiplayer third person shooter with a colorful twist. Instead of worrying about shooting an enemy, the object of the game is to shoot up the area around you and how do you do that, why with ink of course. In this game you take your character in kid form with an array of weapons, from squirt guns to paint brushes and in a team of four spread out to claim your territory. Sounds easy enough, but if all you’re doing is shooting around, you’re going to run out of ink, that’s where the squids come in.

You run out of ink, you turn into a squid, but make sure you’re in your own ink mess. Not only does turning into a squid refill your ink tank, but it allows you to travel through your ink at quicker speeds, under gates, up walls and even skyrockets you across the map to a teammate. At the end of the match the players who covered up the most land wins. There are plenty of strategies to go along with to accomplish this. You can run the board spraying and praying, stake out a tall place or tower and shoot down below, be a heavy hitter and take out your opponent, paving the way for your team to paint the fields.

Perfecting these strategies is going to take some work, you’ll need the right weapons and gear. You have three main weapons to choose from: Shooters, Chargers, and Rollers and they work exactly how they sound, although you can sometimes substitute the word charger for sniper. Then there are your sub-weapons which can range from Splat bombs to Splash walls. Lastly, after inking up the map or taking out some enemies, your special weapons meter feels up. Protect yourself with a Bubbler or wipe out the other team as the Kraken.

Now to the gear, which is just the clothes you wear. Hey it’s not just a fashion statement. There’s headgead, shirts, and shoes to choose from and depending on what you buy, each piece has one special ability. Some abilities help you conserve the amount of ink you use, others increase the recovery speed of your ink and special meter.

As of right now there are two ways to play online, each with only one mode. Ranked mode, which has Splat Zone; players try and take control of an area on the map. In this mode it doesn’t matter how much of the map you ink up, just the specific zone and you have 100 seconds to hold the line. In order to play this mode, you must be level 10 and like the title suggests, you’ll be ranked and your rank goes up and down depending on your wins and losses. Regular battle is where you can join strangers as well as friends in Turf War; now this mode is all about inking up the map. Simple enough. Playing this mode is how you level up your character and earn money for gear and weapons.

Turf wars

Not feeling the online, have a friend over and you want to play together; head to the battle dojo where you can face off 1v1 style. In this mode the object of the game is to pop more balloons than your friend. Feel like playing yourself? Head to Octo Valley and take on the Ocatarians and save the Zapfish. All these places, stores and a connection to Nintendo’s Miiverse can be accessed from Inkopolis plaza.

Splatoon has it all: Squids, Kids, awkward post from strangers and did I mention the amiibo support and the mini games you can play on your gamepad while waiting to get into a match? But for everything it has, there’s a lot that Splatoon doesn’t have. Now, some stuff will be added throughout the summer, as for the other stuff, who knows. As much fun as this game is and has been, it seriously lacks content at the moment. With only four modes, the single player doesn’t last long, you can only play with one friend locally and the two, singled mode online matches, the game has a way to go before it can even be considered a full game. Not to mention it’s lack of options, no voice chat, unless playing with a friend, you have to use the gamepad as a controller, you can’t customize your weapon layout and you can’t make a team and go into battle which makes it harder to enjoy the game with your friends. I sincerely hope that this gets addressed in the coming months because the game is fun and has a lot of potention to make it into a beloved Nintendo franchise.

In the new reviewing format I’d like to try, instead of an arbitrary number, I’m going to give the game one of four suggestions:

Buy it Now

Wait on it

Bargain Bin it

Rent it

I’d say for Splatoon, you can Wait on it.

Want to hear what I wrote and a little bit more with some gaming footage, then check out my video!

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