Spookies Breaking News!

Spookies CB update
Attention all Spookies fans! Not sure how your Spooky stacks up to the others? Or maybe you don’t know when the next rare Spooky will drop? We have the answers to your questions, plus a bit about their new currency!
If you want to see how your Spooky stands up to the others released so far, make sure to head over to RARITY.TOOLS/SPOOKIES-NFT !
Rarity.tools is a great place to compare the values of NFTs, and will help you make better choices in which ones you choose to invest in. It’s very easy to compare each Spooky!
now they have newly minted Spookies to be revealed daily at 6pm EST / 10pm UTC on their discord! ( https://discord.com/invite/3QPFqG5V7Q .) Each reveal will be accompanied by giveaways, so it’ll be worth joining the server.
spookies comic booked picSoon, they will announce the beginning of challenges in which members will be able to compete for rare Spookies. There will be a holder airdrop, which will be a Spookies comic book minted as an NFT (soon to be a real comic book as well!) Once 2000 are minted, they will donate 0.5 Etherium to a charity of the Discord server’s choosing and will airdrop a random holder 0.5 Ethereum. So stay tuned, the Spookies discord is just warming up!
Finally, they have announced their new currency, COBWEBS! These can be claimed by their holders daily in their discord channel and can be exchanged for COBWEBS banknote NFTs. From here, the banknote NFTs can be used to purchase Spookies, so it’s a great way to start collecting!
Stay Spookie!!!

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