So you love NFTs; minting them, collecting them, and selling them. But it can be very daunting with such a wide inventory of them online. Maybe you like an NFT, but you’re not sure if it’s cute enough to show off? On the other hand, maybe it’s cute but it doesn’t really have any “flavor” to it? Fret no more, because we are proud to present SPOOKIES, a new exclusive collection of 8888 NFTs that are super cute but with a side of horror to them!
Spookies was just launched on July 29th with a commitment that only 8888 will be minted. Minting is .03 ETH. THey are just the cutest…you should go mint one today!
Spookies Roadmap
the artwork is simply amazing. These little spookies are super cute. and you can mint a gold one! by far our favorites! Keep an eye out for legendaries as well!
Gold Spooky
In terms of specifications, each Spooky is covered under ERC-721 contract, so ownership and security will always be up to the gold standards (with only 8888 to be minted, nobody wants an ERC-1155!) Secondary sales fees (should ownership change) are minimal, with portions going to charity.
Buying NFTs can be fun, but in order to have a lasting impact in the Ethereum blockchain, they need to stand out. Spookies are here with stories, fleshed-out design, attention to art detail, and covered under the gold standard of NFT creation and care.