Squeaky Mouse Droid #3: Open the Blast Doors!


Squeaky Mouse Droid

Episode 3: Open the Blast Doors! Open the Blast Doors!

There are already people waiting on a line. Not the internet: they are waiting on an actual line!

Not for the movie, not yet; they are waiting to get into The Force Awakens Panel tomorrow morning at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim California. There, Kathleen Kennedy (the producer and show-runner of all things Lucasfilm) and  J.J. Abrams (the Director of The Force Awakens) are confirmed to show up for this panel which will be held at 10 AM Pacific Time. Rumor has it they will show the new trailer and poster at that time. Programs have already been given out, with a sneak peak at the the new film’s stormtrooper. The grapevine says that  Rian Johnson (the director of Episode 8), Gareth Edwards (The director of Rogue One) and Josh Trank (The director of the next spin-off) will be there as well.   Even better; that trailer may drop online before that.

Star Wars
Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper? And new?

The blast doors are open, as Lucasfilm prepares to turn up the marketing campaign for not just this film, but for the ever-expanding Star Wars universe.

There have been sequels and spin-offs before, but Star Wars is the closest thing our culture has had to an actual mythology, and it’s one that originated in the medium of film. When Return of the Jedi was over, it was hard to imagine that these legendary characters would be seen on film doing or saying anything else. Tomorrow might be our first glimpse; we might see the first words (or even the first actions) form any of them, and those who can see Star Wars as a myth can certainly appreciate just how significant that is.

Stay tuned to the Squeaky Mouse Droid: In less than a day, there may be lots to say!

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