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Squeaky Mouse Droid: The Last Jedi Teaser!

Star Wars

Time to head back to that galaxy, and though it’s a sequel, it still happened a long time ago.

After a day of celebrating the history of the Star Wars franchise at the first day of Star Wars Celebration Orlando, today, all eyes look to the future with the highly anticipated teaser trailer and poster debut at The Last Jedi panel.

The panel itself, which was hosted by Josh Gad and featured appearances by Kathleen Kennedy (head of Lucasfilm), Rian Johnson (The director of The Last Jedi), and stars Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Mark Hamill, Kellie Marie Tran (as new Resistance character Rose), and BB-8, and featured a lot of humorous moments, moments in which the involved parties had to be careful with what they could reveal from a film that is still 8 months away. Yes, like The Force Awakens, this new Star Wars film is all about the mystery.

Then came what the fans were looking for: the first poster, which you cans see right here in this article, and the first teaser trailer. The poster reminds us that Star Wars has its origins in old pulpy science fiction, resembling a wonderful illustration that you could find in science fiction magazines or an old tattered paperback in the corner of a bookstore, only more vibrant than you’d expect. It proves that Rey is, as we know, front and center of the Star Wars mythology going forward, and she might be opposed in her journey by her nemesis, Ben Solo, as well as the one who is training her, Luke Skywalker. That speculation is what drives the teaser trailer itself: Luke might be showing her how to use the Force, but it seems that he is convinced that the Jedi will, and maybe should stop right there, on the island where he has become a hermit.

Last Jedi
teaser poster

Sound off in the comments about where this film will take the Star Wars mythology.

NOTE: I really like the creative fade in of the trailer: what seems to be a star-scape of outer space is actually light reflecting of the rocks on that island. If that is a visual cue form Rian Johnson that his film will be different, than I am hopeful

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