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Squeaky Mouse Droid – May the 4th QUIZ

Star Wars

The Squeaky Mouse Droid’s Star Wars Quiz for May the 4th

There’s never been a quiz like this before… even if you’ve taken every Star Wars quiz known to exist.



  1. How many times is the “crossguard” saber ignited in The Force Awakens?
  2. How many different planets are visited over the course of Revenge of the Sith?
  3. What happens first: Darth Vader kills the Separatists, or Obi-Wan kills General Grevious?
  4. Who said “It’s a trap!” in The Empire Strikes Back? Read that one again to make sure you are thinking of the right film.
  5. What kind of help is better than no help at all, at least according to Han Solo?
  6. How many times do we see Anakin’s blue lightsaber ignited in the the original trilogy (4, 5, 6)?
  7. What does Unkar Plutt offer (in portions) to procure BB-8?
  8. How many different planets do we see over the course of The Force Awakens?
  9. What – stun – right.. What’s the connection between these three words, as far as Star Wars goes?
  10. What happens first: Chewie steals a scout walker, or Leia gets shot in the arm?
Star Wars
Stop right there – until you finish the quiz!


Answer key:

 1.Nine times (once during the village raid on Jakku, two tantrums, once while on Takodana, once to kill Han, twice during the duels on Starkiller Base, and twice during Rey’s vision). 2. 12 – Coruscant, Utapau, Tatooine, Aalderan, Kasshyyk, Mustafar, Mygeeto, Felucia, Cato Nemoidia, Saleucami, Naboo, Polis Massa, (not counting the deleted scene on Dagobah) 3. Obi Wan kill Grevious 4. Leia 5. “Short” 6. 11  – When Luke first tries it out, twice on the Falcon while training (“You’d better get on with your exersices”), to get out of the Wampa cave, to cut open the taun-taun, to cut open the AT-AT hatch and toss in grenade, in the Dark Side cave on Dagobah, twice in the fight against Vader in  the carbon freezing room, once against Vader in the area near the carbon-freezing room, once on the catwalk near the botom of the citywhile engaging Vader. Not used in Return of the Jedi 7. Sixty 8. 6- Jakku, Takodana, Starkiller Base, Hosnian System, D’Qar (in the Ileenium System), Ahco-To (where Luke is) 9 Vader’s last word in each of the original trilogy films 10 Chewie steal the Scout Walker

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