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Stan Lee Files $1 Billion Dollar Suit Against ‘Pow! Entertainment’

The last time I wrote about Stan Lee was back in April. It was a tumultuous time for The Man but thankfully after all the events outline in THIS ARTICLE, this apparently began calming down for him. Recently Stan has begun to push back on the vulture-like flock that has circled the Stan empire.  He recently seized control of his Twitter account and as the news of who is friend and who is foe reaches Stan, he now had a fuller and better understanding of his handlers and those with whom he is closely related.

“Today was the first day I ever did a tweet myself. Before today, my account was done by others. I still do not have control of my Facebook. Someone else is doing it, NOT me.” @therealstanlee Stan Lee via on May 12, 2018

Stan Lee As further evidence of Lee’s push-back comes news that he is suing ‘Pow! Entertainment’ for the hefty sum of $1 Billion dollars. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims that Pow Entertainment conspired with Shane Duffy and Gill Champion to steal his identity.

The complaint (Which you can read HERE) details Stan’s struggle with macular degeneration, his relationship with the company that he co-founded as well as outlining the conspiracy to sell the company to Hong Kong-based Camsing International in 2017.  Lee is also currently involved in litigation with former publicist Jerry Olivarez who also allegedly took advantage of Lee’s failing eyesight to coerce him in to signing over greater than $1 million dollars to Olivarez and Hands of Respect.  As soon as Lee’s wife Joan passed in July of 2017, a slew of these players such as Max Anderson and Keya Morgan swooped in in an attempt to take advantage of the 95-year old Stan Lee, attempting to defraud him of his assests and his estate.

An excerpt from the case file:

“Defendants conspired and agreed to broker a sham deal to sell POW! to a company in China and fraudulently steal Stan Lee’s identity, name, image, and likeness as part of a nefarious scheme to benefit financially at Lee’s expense,” the suit alleges. “Pursuant to their conspiracy and agreement, Defendants … knowingly made material misrepresentations of fact, and forged or fraudulently obtained a signature from Lee to give POW! Inc. the exclusive use of Lee’s identity, name, image, and likeness … and each of them knew that their objective was unlawful and they intended to aid each other in achieving that unlawful objective.”

[[Update 5/17/2018: Camsing has released a statement saying they’ve not been served yet. They are assuring their shareholders that the case is “and can assure its shareholders that the complaint is completely without merit.”]]

Adam D.H. Grant and Jennifer Levin Stearns of Alpert, Barr & Grant will be handling the case for Stan.

We wish you the best, Stan, and all of your fans support you!

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