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Stan Lee and Cesar Millan Partnering on Books


dinovspupAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, the legendary godfather of all things superhero will be partnering with Cesar Millan, the famed canine behaviorist and National Geographic Wild television star.  The two will produce a series of physical and digital books that seem to be focused on animals and wildlife and will be directed towards children and families.

Millan, host of the the two time Emmy nominated National Geographic series, “The Dog Whisperer” said; “I am honored to be working with Stan Lee on projects that not only express my love for animals, but inspire children to love and appreciate them too,”

The books will take place within the Stan Lee Kid’s Universe which already features a slew of child-focused books such as Rockstar Super Diva, Dex T-Rex: The Mischievous Little Dinosaur and Once Upon A Time There Was A Pig.12190125_931843956851342_7003074874959827805_n-625x6252

Cesar Millan
Photo: Robin Layton








Millan and Lee’s first project will be entitled “Dinosaurs vs. Puppies” and written/illustrated by Dani Jones. The release of this title coincides with the start of Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con which takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from October 28th through October 30th. Copies will be available at Booth 312, the Stan Lee Kid’s Universe Booth.



“Stan Lee’s Kids Universe is a new multimedia children’s publishing company that focuses on content for children up to 10 years old. The company’s release platforms include Picture Books, Graphic Novels, eBooks, Mobile Games, Mobile Apps, Interactive & Digital books, Contests and an ever growing hands-on website for kids. We are strongly dedicated to expanding children’s imagination, childhood literacy and art education. Stan Lee’s  Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con co-founded Stan Lee’s Kids Universe (SLKU) with Paris Latsis Kasidokostas and Terry Dougas of 1821 Media.”


“Cesar Millan is a best-selling author, public speaker, and the internationally acclaimed star of “Cesar 911,” as well as the original, Emmy-nominated host of the “Dog Whisperer” program. With “Cesar 911,” he brings more than 25 years of dog experience and his status as the most recognized and sought-after authority in the field of dog care and rehabilitation directly to communities terrorized by unruly hounds.”


Dani Jones is an artist, writer, children’s book illustrator, and comics creator. She is the author and illustrator of the picture book MONSTERS VS. KITTENS and creator of the web comic MY SISTER THE FREAK. She is also the author of IPAD FOR ARTISTS, an instructional book about drawing and painting on the iPad.

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