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Stan Sakai Wins Inaugural Joe Kubert Distinguished Storyteller Award


“I couldn’t think of a better and more qualified artist to be the first recipient than Stan Sakai!”  Adam Kubert

Comic Con RevolutionStan Sakai held their 2018 event in Ontario, California during the third weekend of May 2018.  One of the events, held on May 19th to be precise, was the presentation of the inaugural Joe Kubert Distinguished Storyteller Award.

The winner?

None other than highly regarded and much-loved creator of Usagi Yojimbi: Stan Sakai.  Sakai was unable to attend the event but he did prepare a statement which was read aloud to the crowd;

” I had been a fan of Joe Kubert from the time I discovered Sgt. Rock and Hawkman in the 60s. Enemy Ace is still a high water mark that very few have equaled and none have surpassed. I met Joe through a mutual friend, Sergio Aragones and I was privileged to speak to him many times, and each time was memorable. I admired Joes powerful art, his flawless compositions and his brilliant storytelling but, most of all, I admired his dedication to the craft of creating comic and his desire to pass on that love and knowledge to young creators with the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. It is a very great honor to receive this inaugural Joe Kubert Distinguished Storyteller Award at Comic Con Revolution Ontario.”

One of the co-founders of Comic Con Revolution, Mike Scigliano, also commented on the momentous occasion;

“I can’t think of a better way to honor the legacy of Joe Kubert than by the three-pronged project we’ve undertaken with the Kubert School” 

A few of Sakai’s friends had to comment via social media their happiness and support:

“Congratulations! . Well-deserved. Here’s to decades more of your brilliance. ‘Usagi Yojimbo’ Creator Wins the First Joe Kubert Storyteller Award”

 Bill Sienkiewicz

“Congrats to on being honored with the Joe Kubert Storyteller Award.”

David Mack

We here at also want to wish Mr. Sakai a very heartfelt congratulations! It is an honor bestowed upon a well deserving artist.

Stan Sakai

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