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Star Trek 3 Gets New Director

Star Trek

Deadline confirmed that Fast and Furious 6 director Justin Lin would be helming the newest installment in the rebooted franchise. He will replace Robert Orci, who was a writer on the previous films and will remain on as producer.

Lin will brings a lot to this franchise, as a director who revived and bolstered the Fast and Furious franchise to its current popularity through directing the last four films in the series. He has also been asked to work on a sequel to The Bourne Legacy, a multi-part Fast and Furious finale, and is even slated to direct Season 2 of True Detective for HBO. Busy guy.

No word yet on a projected release date for Star Trek 3, nor is there a title or script for this film yet, but many industry experts have speculated that the release will coincide with the 50th anniversary of the franchise in 2016. This would place both Star Trek and Star Wars into cosmic conflict. Maybe we will really see which franchise is the greatest.

I like them both, and always have. Star Wars and Star Trek have some similarities, being in space and having aliens and such, but there are so many very clear differences. Star Trek began as a television show which really allowed for a deeper story and closer involvement with the fans as they were watching the show in their own homes. Star Wars, at least to me, was always a bigger, grander thing. You went to the theater, you waited for the first image, and then the music and the scrolling text. It was an event. Sure, the galaxy expended through books, comics, toys, and animated series, but it never got the expansive screen time that Star Trek enjoyed, even if it was on the small screen. Now, with the inclusion of the two films since the reboot, Star Trek is way ahead for number of episodes/movies to tell their story.

Wars or Trek? Let me know.

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