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STAR WARS BOYCOTT? Never! Plus the New Trailer



Around the time the newest Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer premiered Twitter blew up with Boycott Star Wars. Why you ask,… claims of racism.  To that I say, What?   Think about it, Star Wars is set in a galaxy far far away.  We are lucky any of the characters look human at all.  Who cares about their racial back ground.  We have no clue about the racial, let alone the species break down of all the members of Empire/Republic.  So should you boycott Star Wars?  No, there’s no reason to boycott Star Wars. Everyone is going to see this movie, do you really want to miss seeing Star Wars? Let us know what you think in the comments below!  And with that I’ll leave you with the awesome trailer from last night!


[youtube id=”sGbxmsDFVnE” width=”620″ height=”360″]


If you want more information on the suggested boycott look here.

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