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The Star Wars Cantina: Episode 1 (PODCAST)


This week marked the launch of a brand new podcast that will cover the entire galaxy… The Star Wars galaxy, that is. Tune in for episode one of The Star Wars Cantina Podcast and let us know what you think.

With all the news of the upcoming Episode 8, and people still with so many questions about Episode 7 and the decisions made by Disney for the printed Star Wars canon, people want answers. I am not saying that we have all those answers, but we have a darn good time talking about all the possibilities.

You want predictions about Episode 8? We have those.

You want to hear from an old fan and a new fan? We have that.

Everyone is welcome at the Star Wars Cantina… Well, except for droids. We don’t serve your kind here.

Please head over and subscribe for all the coolest Star Wars news and views.

May the Force be with you and may your Blue Milk never go sour.

Check out our PODCAST by clicking HERE!

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