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Star Wars Day 2016: News, History & Deals Galore

Star Wars Day 2016


Star Wars Day 2016
Star Wars Day 2016


From the snowy, icy, windswept plains of Hoth to the sprawling cities of Coruscant and New York City to the dusty desserts of Jakku, Tatooine, Death Valley and even through the never-ending corn fields of the Great Plains here on Earth, May the Fourth is an important date.  


May 4th marks a date which has come to be known unofficially as Star Wars Day.  Growing from an amusing pun on the Force from Star Wars lore in to a grassroots movement to what it has become now – and riding the success of the latest Star Wars installment – Star Wars Day is abundantly popular, widely accepted and universally enjoyed.  All you need to do is wish someone well on this day, tell someone aloud “May the Fourth Be With You”  and not only will you smile at the pun you’ve just uttered but the person to whom you are well-wishing will also grin at this amusing idea .  You will brighten their day with your good intentions as well as at the light, kindhearted nature of the day itself with which they are also quite familiar.  Ask your peers, your Mother, your boss, the lady behind the counter making your coffee.  Ask the bus driver or the officer who just pulled you over for driving in the HOV lane when you are alone in your vehicle.  Ask the pump attendent and ask the custodial attendant out in the hallway and I am willing to bet that they have all heard of Star Wars Day.

According to StarWars.Com, “May The Fourth Be With You” was used as far back as 1979 on the set of the first Star Wars film by a documentarian who was shooting and capturing all of the behind-the-scenes for his own project. 

While this is important, Star Wars day is not merely about a greeting and well-wishes. Star Wars Day is about celebrating all things Star Wars.  With the recent release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the pending theatrical release of  Star Wars: Rogue One starring Mads Mikkelson on December 16, 2016, the year 2016 is most certainly the year of Star Wars and its rebirth in to popular culture.

Star Wars Rogue One
Star Wars Rogue One

Even NASA recently got in on the fun with this message

This 2016 Star Wars Day will play right in to that with a whole host of deals, sales and celebrations.


Star Wars Day 2016

Find the Deals you are looking for:

There are many deals around the internet for the Sphero BB-8 Droid robot! 

Sphero is selling their robot at the discounted price of $129.99

In addition:

The Mets (Yes MLB Team The Mets) hosting Star Wars Night:

Electronic Arts: Free Star Wars Battlefront 4-hour Trial.  If you already have the game, you will get 4,444 credits

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes: Rate Drops and extra crystal packs will be available.

Disney Store: A Limited Edition Boba Fett statue will be available on 05/04/16

Build-A-Bear Workshop Buy any Star Wars bear, get one for ten dollars.

PetCo: Buy one Star Wars item, get another at 50% off

GameStop: Exclusive variant covers will be on sale such as Poe Dameron and C-3P0

Toys R Us: 20% of Star Wars skateboards

Kohl’s: 20% Star Wars items

Fathead: 35% off all Star Wars fatheads!

Hallmark e-Cards: Free Star Wars e-card only available on 05/04/16

Walmart:  Sales on many Star Wars related products

Target: $10 gift card when you spend $50 on Star Wars items at Target.Com

Best Buy: 20% off all XBox One Star Wars controllers

Amazon:  All 6 movies for $84.99 

iTunes: All 6 movies for $99.99

Your LCS:  Star Wars True Believers books will be on sale for New Comic Book Day at $1 each.  

— Also, be sure to check with your local comic book shop as there may be other sales and Star Wars related events going on.

PlayStation Store: Download the Jakku map for free on 05/04/16 only

Hot Topic: 10 off of $50 or more with promo code SPRUNG4HT. Take $25 off a purchase of $100 or more with promo code SPRING25.

iHop: Free child entree with every adult meal 

Einstein Bagels: 20% off with a coupon available at their website.

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