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Star Wars Force Friday II is September 1 2017


Force Friday IIToday is the first day of September and with it brings a variety of holidays. Chess Day, Happy Cat Month, Fall Hat Day, the start of Little League Month, the start of National Cheese month all fall on or begin today. On this day in 1972 Bobby Fisher beat Boris Spassky to become World Champion. In 1985 the wreakage of the RMS Titanic was finally discovered at the bottom of the ocean. Spider-man: Homecoming star Zendaya was born on September 1, 1996 as was comic book illustrator Joe Jusko although that was 1959.

It’s also Force Friday.  9/1/2017 marks Force Friday II, the second year that we have been able to once again celebrate all things Star Wars and kick the Disney/LucasFilms marketing juggernaut in to high gear for the next film (The Last Jedi).

As was the case last year, a large variety of stores and retailer outlets will be providing fun events and merchandise for Force Friday. So we here at thought we’d give you a run down of what to expect and where to go.

First, and something you can do from the seat from which you’re reading this very article is download the app in the app store.  Courtesy of our friends over at StarWars.Com, here are the instructions:

  • Download the Star Wars app (for iPhone® and Android™) and launch the “Find The Force” feature.
  • Starting September 1, look for Star Wars graphics with the “Find The Force” logo at participating retail locations and websites.
  • Scan these graphics using the “Find The Force” feature to reveal AR character experiences.
  • A data chip will be unlocked each time a new AR character experience is revealed. Unlock digital rewards as you collect more data chips!
  • Each graphic reveals a different AR character experience every day from September 1-3.

This list provides a full view of all participating however we will break down some of our favorites.

First up is one of my favorite collectible pieces of merchandise. Depicted below is the Star Wars Black Series Poe Dameron Electronic X-Wing Pilot Helmet. It has an internal microphone, makes battle sounds and the visor retracts as well. Super cool.

Force Friday II

Hasbro today is selling the massive Star Wars Force Link BB-8 two-in-one Mega Playset.  It is a multi-layered playset with trap doors, projectiles and six separate play areas. You’re going to want one.

Force Friday II

Campbells Soup cans today will be adorned with characters starring in The Last Jedi. From BB-8 to Captain Phasma and even the Praetorian Guard there will be a can that will be your favorite.

Force Friday II

In Disney stores around the country you will be able to pick up Star Wars Elite Series Die Cast Action Figures of Luke Skywalker, Rey as well as a First Order Judicial Stormtrooper.

Force Friday II

Clothing retailer The Gap will be introducing some exclusive The Last Jedi gear today.

Force Friday II


You will also be able to visit Best Buy, Walmart and Target, GameStop, Kohl’s, Hallmark and Toys R Us for exclusive toys and collectibles.

So get out there in the universe and celebrate with the rest of us. Pick up some cool Last Jedi toys or just check out the fun exclusives. Whatever you do, have fun today!




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