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Star Wars Rebels: Vision of Hope

star Wars Rebels


Reviewing a show targeted to the younger set can be difficult. Since I basically breathe all things Star Wars, the task is a little easier: it was part of my childhood so I try to bring that kid that’s still inside me to the forefront when I write these reviews. The episodes so far hold up well for adults on their own, no chaser, despite a few trite moments and contrivances that are there because it is a kid’s show – we just have to roll with the punches. But this was more difficult to do with “Vision of Hope.” This was not a bad episode; I enjoyed it quite a bit. But it’s entire plot relies on the basic contrivance that the heroes are too naive to see a trap. So it’s not just little moments that must be accepted, it’s the core of the story that seems a bit trite and simplistic.

Protecting the wrong guy

The idea, in short, is that Ezra has a vision that involves Rebel sympathizer Senator Trayvis finally taking a more active role in helping the team, if he and the crew of the Ghost can secure him. It’s obvious to the viewers (even the children watching – at least, this is what I imagine) that at some point the other shoe will drop and we learn that this guy is still very much working for the Empire and, it is indeed (to paraphrase Admiral Ackbar) a not-so-elaborate trap. For a twenty-minute episode this plot is fine, except for the fact that nobody, not even Kanan, suspect that this is a trap. Ezra might be the youngest and most eager for his vision to come to fruition, but his earnestness is played up so much that it puts the viewer so far ahead of the characters.

“Vision of Hope” is fine. It has some great action, and the character interplay works. The problem is that it’s naive enough to think that kids can’t see that obvious.

My Rating: 2/5

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