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Steampunk Cosplay – Circle City Aerodrome Lands at Columbia Club

Deadpool Cover

(Steampunk cosplay conventions are usually named invasions, which are generally held by an Aerodrome, or particular/specific group or club of steampunks.  They are creative events, sometimes immersion – allowing character development and imagination to prevail)

Shocking news:    Indianapolis – invaded this weekend by infamously mischievous Circle City Aerodrome members.  Pirates, rabbits, steampunks, goblins, werewolf’s and even a rascally guy with a blue beard took control and infiltrated the resplendently demure chateau that is the Columbia Club.  Shock prevailed among Club members, followed by upward gazes which were eventually lowered and replaced with intrigue in the numerous riveting antics and captivatingly charismatic revelry created by the invading steampunk rabble-rousers.

The invasion was codenamed ‘Steampunk through the Looking Glass’ – infiltrating  5 floors of the Columbia Club.  Conspirator Madame Belle set up her Salon on the 10th floor where she held a series of provocative shows.  This floor also hosted the Masquerade Hootenanny on Saturday as well as displays from Corn Island Gadgetorium.  Vendors from the Aerodrome set up shop on the 2nd and 4th floors, trying their best to redistribute wealth.   The Frenchman set up in the French Room while Thee Bluebeard presided over general shenanigans throughout the entire building.  Bourbon and absinthe tasting occurred in celebration of a successful invasion and tea dueling strategies were discussed after fencing lessons.

Sunday arrived and a successfully conducted invasion ended with Circle City Aerodrome admitting all the merry fun and folly to be had, was had in this location.  A clean portal departure from Columbia Club was conducted with high spirits and pleasant memories of new friends made, costumes worn, characters further developed and another successful steampunk weekend had.   Great job CCA, this was a captivatingly creative immersion event!

NOTE:  Steampunk is yet another form of cosplay and truly embraces folks of all ages.   Costumes do not need to be extraordinarily detailed nor are they judged.  Everyone is always welcome to try it out – all you need is creative imagination which is highly encouraged of any and all steampunk convention attendees.

Circle City Aerodrome Indy15
Great show stoppers!
Circle City Aerodrome Indy14
Fantastic folks with Thee Bluebeard!
Circle City Aerodrome Indy13
Gadgetorium items
Steampunk convention official photo
Steampunk Through the Looking Glass
Circle City Aerodrome Indy12
Gadgetorium items
Circle City Aerodrome Indy11
Hootenanny events!
Circle City Aerodrome Indy10
Steampunk Deadpool – that guy shows up everywhere! He’s good friends with the equally dapper photographer, Gabe!
Circle City Aerodrome Indy7
Incredible steampunk cosplay!
Circle City Aerodrome Indy6
Deadpool taking a break from all this fancy!
Circle City Aerodrome Indy5
There’s that werewolf!
Circle City Aerodrome Indy4
Luv these cosplays!
Circle City Aerodrome Indy3
Steampunk Rabbit and friend!
Circle City Aerodrome Indy2
Thee Bluebeard Improv Show
Circle City Aerodrome Indy1
Great wrench cosplay – so kool!



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