Stir the Pot Saturday: Best Marvel Comics Alternate Realities

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Welcome back to Stir the Pot Saturday!  Forget the rules?  Check them out here and here.  And forget the question?  Well check that out here.

And remember, stirring the pot is, simply put, an old idiom that means agitating a situation to cause a reaction, trouble, unrest, or even dissent.  Kinda like what Loki does.  But on the internet.  And with less death involved.

Got it?  Good.  So what are you waiting for?  You’ve read my opinions (on Tuesday) and those either sparked you to jump on the bandwagon, form an uneasy alliance with me for the time being, or possibly start planning your own top ten list of reasons why I’m a butthole.  Either way, it’s all good.

This week’s question: What is the best Marvel Comics alternate reality?

Go forth.  Conquer.  And take no prisoners!


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