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Stir the Pot Saturday: Week 26

Week 26 Picture 1

Welcome back, everyone! Just a quick reminder of what our goal for each and every Saturday is: Stirring the pot is the act of causing trouble for the sake of your own amusement. So we here at Comic Booked would like to formally invite you to discuss, debate, and start some shit talkin’ about the characters, the creators, and the storylines given to us from the industry we all know and love, hate, and love to hate. So let’s quit wasting time and start the mud (or web) slinging!


This Saturday’s question: Which character has the best origin of all time?

Week 26 Picture 2

Is Spider-Man’s origin and theme universal? Does your inner child (or adult) relate with the tragedy and triumph of Batman? Do you wish the Fantastic Four was your family? Is Captain America’s beginning never going to be outdated? Is Superman’s origin the most epic thing you’ve ever read? Can anyone ever top the story of the man who would become Wolverine? Can Magneto’s origin make up for some of the things that he’s done? Were you shocked when you first read the story of how Tony Stark became Iron Man? Wonder Woman’s creation make you believe in magic? Were you rooting for Harvey Dent as the district attorney of Gotham City before he became the villain Two-Face? Or did I forget to mention your absolute favorite character and his or her origin tale?

Week 26 Picture 3

So go forth and debate! But be sure to back up your responses. Don’t be scared. And don’t give up. After all, no one likes a quitter. And you’re not a quitter, are you?

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Magneto's origin in the "Testament" miniseries was great. I really loved it. As well, "Red Skull Incarnate" was great as well. Looking back at long-time characters and showcasing their origin without retconning everything was a lot of fun.

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