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Strange Pro Wrestler of the Week – Glacier

Pro Wrestling

Pro Wrestling can be strange. Here is your weekly look at the strangest.



Sometimes a pro wrestling company’s attempts to stay hip and in touch with popular culture are so mind mindbogglingly out of touch it’s astounding. In April of 1996 WCW accomplished this by introducing Glacier. I’ll give you a second to look back at the picture above. Look familiar? Maybe from a video game? Of course it does, it Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat.  WCW did very little to hide the fact that Glacier was a straight rip off of the popular character from the game.

Glacier would make his ring entrances in a dark arena with the ring lit up by a blue light that had falling snow emanating from its source. After entering the ring he would strike various martial arts poses and do various martial arts moves while in a laser circle in the middle of the ring. Since all that wasn’t strange enough WCW Magazine published Glacier’s gimmick biography explaining he had gone to Japan to learn martial arts and pro wrestling. There he was given a four hundred year old helmet and given the name “Glacier” to symbolize the elements. WCW sure did pay a hefty price for Glacier, whose production costs for his get up and entrance neared a half a million dollars. He went undefeated in singles competition for just over a year, but never really moved up the card. A couple injuries and lack of creative direction spelled the end in WCW for Glacier, and he was released in 1999.

He has made a few independent appearances since then, including wrestling in CHIKARA’s King of Trios Tournament in 2009. Unfortunately for Glacier his main stage career stayed on ice since his WCW run.

[youtube id=”jB3C0fflMxQ” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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