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Strange Pro Wrestler of the Week – Repo Man

Pro Wrestling

Pro Wrestling is often a strange place. Here is you weekly look at the strangest.

Repo Man

Repo Man

When a guy born and raised in Minnesota dons the colors of the USSR and goes by the name of Krusher Khruschev it isn’t strange; it’s just pro wrestling. However, when wearing bondage-esque gear, painting your face, calling yourself “Smash”, and palling around with a guy named “Ax” doesn’t even register on the strange scale compared to other things you have done you know you have done some strange things. Barry Darsow had a very successful career. As Krush Khruschev he won the NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title and a couple different NWA Tag Team Titles. He achieved his most success when he was brought in to the WWF to be an answer to the Road Warriors. There he was knowns as Smash and teamed with Ax to become Demolition, and they won three WWF Tag Team Titles.

After Smash, things got strange. Later in his career he was known as “The Black Top Bully” a trucker gimmick in World Championship Wrestling. He competed in a match on the back of a flat bed truck, and was fired for cutting himself during the match. He later rejoined WCW as Stewart Pain an evil golfer whose name was a play on real life golfer Payne Stewart. The real gem of Darsow’s career of weird gimmicks came between “Smash” and his WCW runs. In 1991 he debuted the character “Repo Man”

Repo Man is exactly what it sounds like, a guy who repossesses things. He donned a lone ranger type mask and his singlet had tire tracks on it. When he came to the ring he wore a trench coat and carried a tow rope with him. He would always sneak around the ring and do underhanded dastardly deeds. He of course never thought of himself as a thief as he was just repoing things. He had a couple feuds over the course of the time he was Repo Man culminating on a short program with Macho Man Randy Savage. This feud started when Repo Man repossessed Savages trademark hat because “he was late on his payments” He ended his WWF career at the 1993 Royal Rumble by being eliminated by Savage. When dealing with Repo Man one must always remember his trademark phrase “What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine too!”

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