Suicide Squad and Deadpool Trailers

suicide squad 2

There were so many things that happened this year during comicon that I can’t even keep it all straight.  As a sci-fi fan I absolutely love the Star Wars footage and since Batman is my favorite superhero I couldn’t be happier with the Batman vs Superman.  Through all of the hype and all of the panels I have seen very few online people talking about what I thought were the two biggest surprises, the Suicide Squad trailer and the Deadpool trailer.

Suicide Squad Comicon

I’m a huge Suicide Squad fan, the comics are pretty amazing, they have a ton of villains like Deadshot that come and go and of course they have Harley Quinn.  Ever since DC announced the Suicide Squad movie I was fairly skeptical of the possible success.  Suicide Squad is pretty dark for a comic book and I wondered if it could be done right, especially within the generally PG-13 friendly comic movie world.  DC has been vocal about the fact that they were trying to be darker and separate themselves from the family friendly Marvel cinematic universe but I wondered if they could take it to the level it needed to go to truly be different.  I don’t wonder anymore.  The Suicide Squad trailer was more than enough proof that DC is taking their movie slate seriously and are trying to build something dark and dangerous.  I was skeptical about Jared Leto but the few seconds I saw of him were exactly what I picture the Joker being like, he nailed it in that particular scene and he full crushed my skepticism.  Don’t get me wrong, it was just a trailer, the movie could still suck.  It is completely possible that the movie is nothing like the trailer, but for now, with this latest trailer, I’m ready to give up my skepticism and wait to see the movie before I give thumbs up or down.  It wasn’t just the Joker either, it was everything, I felt like the whole package was good, the scene with Amanda Waller, and the Will Smith voice over, everything about this trailer impressed me.



As far as Marvel goes Deadpool is certainly one of my favorite characters, I mean who doesn’t like “the murk with the mouth” and who has better quick wit than Ryan Reynolds.  I have been a Ryan Reynolds fan since before Van Wilder, when he was just one of the guys at that pizza place.  I didn’t even hate Green Lantern as much as everyone else, just because of him.  Although I admit my bias for Ryan Reynolds I have to say that the action scenes in the trailer were pretty on par with the leaked footage from last year’s con and the vision that they had is clearly what they’re going with as they build this Deadpool world.  What the trailer did for me was sell me on the mouth part of the murk with the mouth.  I was worried that the mouth would be toned down and not capture the real feel of Deadpool but from this little trailer I can see that they’re making an effort.  I really liked the chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and TJ Miller, it has me excited for the movie, it does its job.  Again, I have to state, it was only a trailer, the movie can still suck, but like I said it does the job they wanted it to do it has me ready to see the movie.

Deadpool 1

Overall I’m excited for both of these movies and the biggest skepticism’s I had were addressed.  I feel like DC and Fox have been pretty smart in their marketing and their willingness to listen to the fan base on some key things.  DC knew they had to bring it with the Joker so they went after a first class actor and had him stick to some of the most iconic comics as inspiration.  Fox was really smart and after someone “leaked” the original screen test footage of Deadpool they listened to the fan boy’s as they frothed at the mouth praying for this movie to be made.  Fox executives aren’t dummies either because after they listened to fans beg for the Deadpool movie they listened and understood the need for the murk to have the mouth or the movie wouldn’t hit its full potential.  I have enough faith in Fox that I would bet money on Deadpool eating a chimichanga sometime within the first thirty minutes!

Deadpool 2

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