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Super Hero Beat Down: Batman vs Wolverine

Super Hero Beat Down from Bat In the Sun Productions

Super Hero Beat Down is a web series from Bat in the Sun productions that pits two super-powered legends against each other to see who would win in a head to head battle.  Created by director Aaron Schoenke and his father Sean, Super Hero Beat Down is a 3-6 minute monthly web series hosted by  Marisha Ray and Damian Beurer, where there is a debate on who would win followed by  a 1-2 minute video of the actual battle. The winner is ultimately decided by fan vote on  You may be surprised to learn that not all battles are between people.  The first episode of the web seires featured a Batmobile race between the Batmobile from the original Adam West Batman TV series vs a Batmobile from one of the movies.  The third installment of Super Hero Beat Down has just been released on You Tube and features what should be a fan favorite battle between Wolverine and Batman.

Super Hero Beat Down from Bat In the Sun ProductionsAs I mentioned before, the episode begins with a debate on which hero would win and why.   Once the debating is done, it’s on to the actual battle between the two combatants.  I was pleasantly suprised that this wasn’t just a slug fest between the two.  The story opens with Batman watching Wolverine at a crime scene.  Batman follows Wolvie into a tunnel and that’s when the fight begins.   If you want to know who wins you’ll have to watch the video, but it’s a fairly impressive bit of video for a “fan film”.  The costumes look professional and it has the dark lighting and atmosphere you’d expect from a Batman related project.  My only complaint is that the actual battle between the two only makes up 1-2 minutes of a 6 minute video.  Then again, considering there are only 15 people in the cast & crew and they knock the entire thing out in 30-days I really can’t complain about it too much.  It’s not intended to be a short film, it’s just trying to answer the classic question of  “who would win in a fight, Wolverine or Batman?”

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