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3DS Joins the Battle


Although I was born in ’89 I consider myself a ’90’s baby, mainly because I only had a month to enjoy the year. I grew up with the Super Nintendo and when N64 was released, my family got that too. I loved that machine, it has some of my favorite games on it. Legend Zelda Ocarina of Time, 007 Golden Eye and Super Smash Bros. The first in the series to soon grace each new Nintendo console. With the release of the Wii U, everyone except certain games from Nintendo. A new Mario Game, a new Zelda game, and of course a new Smash Bros. and this time, we’re getting to ways to play. Not only will there be a new SSB for the latest home console, you’ll also be able to take the game on the go, with you Nintendo 3DS.

At first I wasn’t sure how well that would work, SSB seems like too big of a game to fit on a handheld, but I’ve played the demo and it works. It feels and plays just as well as the console titles do, though being the demo mode, there’s only so much you can do. The demo that was released today allows you to choose from five different characters: Mario, Link, Pikachu, Villager, and Mega Man. You can’t set the items or the type of battle you have (stock, time) and there is only one level to choose from. I choose to try out all the characters.

First Mega Man, It was weird for me switching from a sword fighter to a gunner, all of his attacks are shooting base, allowing you to fight from long distance or close range.

Next, was another new player, Villager. If you ever played as Ness or Lucas in the other series, he fights like they do, but without all the shouting. He’s either smacking you with a stick or putting on some boxing gloves and punching you in the face.

Pikachu was my next choice. A character I’m very familiar with in this series. He plays the same way as he always, did with a bit of a tweak to his move set and still looks super adorable when he holds an item in his mouth.

Mario, is still beasting it up with his punches and kicks. Or he could just smack you with his cape, and set you on fire.

Link of course, was my last choice. Saving the best for last and he was the best, every other fight I only scored three points, with Link, I won with five. Raising their percentage points by smacking them around and spin attacking them off the screen.

The items in the game come in fair doses, you get pokeballs, beam swords, and some new items as well, like Link’s air gun, or bullet Bill. Every so often a smash ball will appear.

Now, another worry I had about this game was, if people are buying this on the 3DS, will people still need to get it on the Wii U? Nintendo thought of a clever way to get you to buy both. If you own the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros 4 as well as the Wii U version, you can use your 3DS as a controller for the console.

Super Smash Bros for the 3DS releases October 3, 2014.

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