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Super Sunday: 4-18 Superman Releases


Super Sunday is here!  Superman fans were in for quite a treat in April… Action Comics reached it’s one-thousandth issue.  This historical landmark is matched only by the Man of Steel’s first appearance, death, and various film appearances (and deaths).  With a big status quo-change on the horizon (and the arrival of Brian Michael Bendis at his formerly Distinguished Competitor’s company), we here at Comic Booked could not be more excited for the future of DC.  But that’s a conversation for another time.  Here are my thoughts on this month’s Superman-related releases:


Superman Comics in April 2018:

Action Comics #1000 – 5/5

Justice League #42 & 43 – 4.5/5

Mister Miracle #8 (of 12) – 5/5

New Super-Man and the Justice League of China #22 – 4/5

Red Hood and the Outlaws #21 – 5/5

Supergirl #20 – 4/5

Superman #44 & 45 – 5/5

Super Sons #15 – 5/5

Trinity #21 & 22 – 4.5/5



Superman in Other Media in April 2018:

Krypton on TV – 4/5

Supergirl on TV – 5/5

DC Comics Variant Covers: The Complete Visual History Showcases the Most Iconic Variant Covers Since 1986 Hardcover Book – 4.5/5


My Pick of the Month: ACTION COMICS!!!


Supergirl and Krypton continue to impress TV audiences.  And though there are several Superman family titles ending, their characters will be finding new homes in no time at all.  If you haven’t done yourself a favor and picked up at least one of the awesome covers for the monumental Action Comics #1,000… you’re doing it wrong.  Pick it up, read it cover to cover, and enjoy yourself.  It truly is a special piece that deserves a place in everyone’s collection.  I bought nine different covers and will probably buy a few more of the store-exclusives as I visit each store over the next few months.  But enough about that.  What were your thoughts on this month’s Superman stories?  We’d love to hear your comments either here or somewhere on social media.  Reach out to us and let’s chat.  Until then, we’ll see you at the end of May for another great Super Sunday column!

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