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Super Sunday: April/May 2020


Hello there, Superman fans! And welcome back to the first of many new editions of Comic Booked’s second longest-running column, Super Sunday! Due to the halting of shipments of new product, it’s been a bit strange for comic book readers not having a steady flow of comics each and every week. That being said, DC did navigate the pandemic by releasing a few new comics each week while getting some content up on the small screen and some news at our fingertips along the way. So here we are, with a giant-sized two-monthful edition, signaling the return to weekly installments. Here’s what came out while we were all sheltering in place:

  • Justice League #44 + #45
  • Justice League Odyssey #20
  • Lois Lane #10 (of 12)
  • Red Hood: Outlaw #45
  • Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #10 (of 12)
  • CW — Supergirl
  • DC Universe — All Star Games
  • DC Universe — DC Daily
  • DC Universe — Harley Quinn
  • DVD — Superman: Red Son

And my pick of the month(s) is:


So there you have it. We got some news about the release of the Snyder Cut and the existence of the Ayer Cut of controversial Justice League and Suicide Squad films, respectively. Henry Cavill is officially returning to the role of Superman. Lex Luthor continued to steal the show in the final episodes of this season of Supergirl. The Superman: Red Son animated adaptation gives us a happy ending that we didn’t ever expect for an alternate reality we never wanted to return to. And then there’s all of the comics that came out and got a time to shine without being overshadowed by the top tier titles. I’m excited to get the regular release schedule back, but this was certainly a fun time to catch up on the back issues and do some fun deep dives. Let us know what you missed, what you’re looking forward to, and how you’re doing. We’d love to hear from you on social media. See you next Super Sunday!

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