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Super Sunday: Fourth Week of June 2020


Hello there, Superman fans! And welcome back to Comic Booked’s second longest-running column, Super Sunday! Make sure you check out the last edition before you read all about the fourth week of June. Here’s what came out this week:

  • Justice League #47
  • Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #11 (of 12)
  • Red Hood: Outlaw #46
  • DC Universe — DC Daily
  • DC Universe — Harley Quinn

And my pick of the week is:


So there you have it. A pretty light week, but a highlight would include King Shark being delightful in the season finale of Harley Quinn on DC Universe and Bizarro being continually complex in Red Hood: Outlaw. I would seriously watch a show with just him and read a comic with just him in a heartbeat. Let us know what you missed, what you’re looking forward to, and how you’re doing. We’d love to hear from you on social media. See you next Super Sunday!

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