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Super Sunday: Superman for 1/5/20


Happy first Super Sunday of 2020, everyone! And before you ask, yes, I know it is indeed the beginning of the month and not the end and yes, Superman is taking a page from Batman (at least on our site) and making a few changes. First and foremost, we are going to be weekly. That’s right. Super Sunday is going to be each and every week this year. And secondly, I’ve made a few changes. Just like Baturday, the Man of Steel’s now weekly column will feature all of the releases, but instead of receiving ratings, the MUST READ/SEE/BUY comics, movies, TV shows, events, and graphic novels will be listed in bold. Here are this week’s Superman-related releases:

  • Action Comics #1,018
  • Lois Lane #7
  • Red Hood: Outlaw #41
  • The Terrifics #23

And My Pick of the Week: LOIS LANE!!!

Lois Lane proves yet again that Greg Rucka needs to always write the strong women of the DC Universe. The Terrifics continues to be a delightfully fun read by Gene Luen Yang (and makes me miss Super-Man and the Justice League of China). And if one Bizarro appearance wasn’t enough for you, be sure to check out his return to supporting cast member in Scott Lobdell’s fantastic Red Hood: Outlaw series. What did you think of this week’s Superman titles? Give me a social media shout-out on Twitter at jeffhillwriter and I’ll see you next week for another thrilling installment of Super Sunday!

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