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Super Sunday: Superman for 3/8/2020


Happy Super Sunday! And welcome back to Comic Booked’s second longest-running column! Each major Superman-related release is listed at the end of each and every week and the comics, shows, graphic novels, movies, events, etc. you CANNOT MISS are listed in bold. Here are this week’s releases:

  • The Flash #750
  • Justice League #42
  • Justice League Odyssey #19
  • Lois Lane #9 (of 12)
  • Superman: Villains #1 (One-Shot)
  • DC Universe: All Star Games
  • DC Universe: DC Daily

And My Pick of the Week: LOIS LANE!!

This week had some great Superman goodies. A pretty small release week, but we saw the return of Clark Kent’s parents, Wally West is the new Dr. Manhattan/Metron/Flash hybrid that is all sorts of crazy/awesome, and Lois Lane makes us wonder why she hasn’t had her own solo book for the last four decades. Seriously. Greg Rucka’s monthly is almost over, but I’m hoping for a surprise announcement that the series will continue into the summer and beyond. But what are your thoughts on this week’s Superman-related releases? Hit me up on Twitter at jeffhillwriter and let’s get the debate going. See you next Super Sunday!

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