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Super Sunday: Superman in November 2020

What a month!  November has come to an end and there were tons of great Superman releases to get us through these bizarre COVID times.  Here are the Superman-related comics from November 2020:

  • Action Comics #1027
  • Batman/Superman #14
  • Dark Nights: Death Metal #5
  • Dark Nights: Death Metal: Infinite Hour Exxxtreme! #1 (One-Shot)
  • Dark Nights: Death Metal: The Multiverse Who Laughs #1 (One-Shot)
  • DCeased: Dead Planet #5 (of 7)
  • Justice League #56 & 57
  • Legion of Super-Heroes #11
  • The Other History of the DC Universe #1
  • Superman #27
  • Young Justice #20

My Pick of the Month:


There you have it.  A bunch of fun Superman reads and a few news items got us through the month of November.  But what did you think?  We’d love to hear more from you on social media.  Let us know your thoughts on last month’s Superman-related releases.  See you at the end of December for another installment of Super Sunday!

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