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Superheresies Review and Kickstarter Preview

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I think a lot of times people forget about the early years of comics. With such a rich history and new comics weekly it’s hard to remember that comics go way back to the early 1900’s and earlier and the golden age of comics started around the 1940’s. That’s about 80 plus years of comic books. The golden age however, is its own entity, and it’s the true beginning of what we have seen in the superhero genre. Superman, Batman, Captain America, Doc Savage, and so many other heroes got their start in the golden age. With that said it makes a lot of sense that people have reverence for the golden age and what Superheresies is reverence incarnate. The creators of Superheresies have collaborated to make one of the most sincere love letter to the golden age of comics ever. This comic makes Superman and Doc Savage proud.

Superheresies is actually three stories in one book and they each feature a different hero that highlights both the look and the writing style of the golden age. The first story, “How The West Was Won” is a team style story that follows a Justice League or Avengers type of team. This story gives an incredible intro to the Superheresies universe and sets the stage for the other two stories to flourish. What I like most about the writing is that Duis not only wanted to capture the feel of the golden age through looks he did research and sprinkled in a writing style that doesn’t go overboard and gives a chef kiss to the writing and talking style of the day. Not only does Duis write a great homage with dialog he also nails the captions and flow of the book. The writing of the captions and the way that the comic flows is very much golden age and honestly it’s what holds together the book, without it it wouldn’t hold that gravitas or the reverence that the golden age deserves.

As much as I love the writing and feel the golden age surging through the writing style what really makes this comic what it is is the art. Woronchak’s line art seems so simple yet when I look at it hard and try to see why I think that, it turns out that the simple look is quite intricate and involved, I feel like Woronchak does this to capture the feel of the golden age and put the reader in the golden age mood. Woronchak has a golden age style that reminds me or Green Lantern or League of Extraordinary Gentleman’s style that really does the characters justice and keeps within the theme. As much as I enjoy the line art the coloring of McConnell is what impresses me the most. I see the incredible choice of color pallet that looks pastel and bright while still being slightly muted. The way the look works is actually a sneaky homage in itself because the look would work amazing on newsprint. It’s such an all around effort to create something out of love that I can see where McConnell made these choices and they all turn out to be perfect.

If Superheresies looks like something you would enjoy you can check out the Kickstarter!