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The Superhero Who Has Made The Most Entertaining Games

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There are plenty of superheroes who have managed to make their way from comic books and the stories within them into the gaming world. There’s always been something a bit special about superheroes and video games as they give the player the chance to feel part of the adventure, they get to experience the special abilities that the characters possess for example. With so many superheroes out there, it has led to a lot of games being produced but who stands out when it comes to the most entertaining games?


batman issue 52

Batman is a superhero who managed to make it in television, movies and video games. The character, published by DC Comics, has been around since 1939 and is one of the most well-known superheroes still to this day. He fights against evil in Gotham City alongside other people such as his sidekick Robin and unlike a lot of other superheroes, he doesn’t possess and superpowers.

There have been some superb Batman games to hit the market over the years but you could say those released in the last decade have been extremely impressive. The likes of Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Return to Arkham were all extremely well received and loved by gamers. Batman has been the inspiration for huge range of games from great board and video games to even engaging slot games which can be found at established slots sites like PartyCasino. Fans will regard this as proof that Batman rules.


Superior Spider-Man

Spider-Man is probably on the same scale as Batman when it comes to popularity and is over 50 years old. The Stan Lee created character who appears in Marvel Comics publications quickly become one of the world’s most loved superheroes as he swung from building to building and did battle with foes such as Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin. Spider-Man was a huge hit at the box office too and he managed to make a massive impact in the gaming world as well.

Fans wanted to be able to put Spider-Man’s special abilities and superpowers to the test and you could say that this was achieved, first of all with Spider-Man 3. This game really brought the player closer to the character as they were able to see the world through his eyes and there have been some great titles since that have followed this theme.


Superman is one of the original superheroes who a lot of other characters have been based on over time. The DC Comics hero really set the trend when it came to not only establishing a superhero in comic books but in other forms too. There were numerous television series’, films and games that have gone on to inspire generation after generation.

There have been some great games starring Superman over the years that have made it onto console, PC and handheld. There’s also been some great slot games themed on the character too. Where Superman had the most success though is appearing in games which included other superheroes too, such as Injustice.

Therefore, when it comes to making a decision on which superhero has managed to make the most entertaining games, it really is a toss-up between Batman and Spider-Man. While Superman is great, in terms of video games, the others are streets ahead and the pick of the bunch has to be Batman. Batman slightly edges it based on just how good the Arkham games have been and the fact there is still more to come from the superhero in the gaming world too.

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