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Superheroes Hate Bullies

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Comic Booked, It Gets Better, Wear purple for spirit day
Northstar – Alpha Flight and X-Men

Today, October 20, is wear purple for Spirit Day. It’s not only to remember those who felt suicide was the only way to deal with bullying, but to also make gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender teens know that they are not alone. It gets better. And you may not know this, but there are openly proud, gay and lesbian superheroes. I’m going to showcase some from the Marvel and DC universes. Please comment and share any other heroes (or villains) I may have missed.

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Comic Booked, It gets better, wear purple, DC
Comic Booked, It gets better, wear purple
Shatterstar & Rictor – X-Force
Comic Booked, It gets better, wear purple, DC
Rene Montoya – The Question
Comic Booked, John Barrowman, It gets better, wear purple, Torchwood
Openly gay actor John Barrowman – Here he is as Captain Jack Harkness (also an openly gay sci-fi character) on Torchwood

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Comments (2)

Here's some other awesome gay superheroes!

Wiccan and Hulkling from the Young Avengers

Anole from the New Mutants

Colossus from Marvel (at least at one point)

Apollo and Midnighter from Wildstorm's The Authority

😀 Cool article!

Young Avengers Wiccan and Hulkling. I know Sinestro has made some comments about men being attractive in the past, but he is a bully.

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