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Superman: Gets Comic Booked!



We are starting Superman week with some  exciting news!  Comic Booked has a new partner: !

Please give them a warm welcome!

Here is a little more info :

We’re located in Metropolis, Illinois which is recognized by DC Comics as the official Home of Superman. Here is the wikipedia article about our town.

We run the museum here near the statue called The Super Museum.

The owner has the world’s largest collection of Superman stuff, hands down.  There are videos all over the web featuring our town and the museum.

[youtube id=”v-O2h4gwg5k” width=”620″ height=”360″]
For years we have operated and now we’re working to improve upon what we’re already good at, providing the Superman and DC fans all the new and vintage products they love.

-More precise, live USPS shipping rates (we ship international too)
-95% of the time same day shipping
-24/7 customer support via email
-Customer accounts – giving us the ability to track orders much easier and communicate with you.
-SupermanStuff Newsletter – letting our customers know about special deals and new product info.

We have the 32nd Annual Superman Celebration coming up soon, June 10-13th, 2010.  Here is link to the info about the celebration and celebrities coming this year —

Also make sure you visit:

And guess what?

If you use the Coupon Code: COMICBOOKED you will get  10% off order $20 or more!!! Valid through May 30, 2010

What are you waiting for?!!

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Superman stuff galore! Cheers!

Yes indeed!! Gotta love some Supes!

Green October

Welcome aboard SupermanStuff!!!

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