Supernatural: Journey through time – Season 2 (SPOILERS)


WARNING: For all you fragile snowflakes, I just wanted to warn you that I will be spoiling the shit out of this season or Supernatural.

We were looking for a way to open this article with some sort of stupid ass nickname for Supernatural fans (think Whovians and idiotic like), but nothing really fits. Maybe Hunters? Of course, if we jump forward a few seasons, we can steal a good one from Castiel, the angel.


So, fellow Assbutts, let’s jump right into Season Two as we journey back in time to reminisce about all the awesome kick ass seasons over the last dozen years.

The Season One finale was really great, and, like the truck that smashed Dean’s baby, it really came out of nowhere. The Winchesters were back together again, Sam, Dean, and their absent father, John. And, all of a sudden, wham.

So, Season Two picks up in the hospital, with Dean on lifesupport and John in serious condition. Sam is the only one that really seemed to come through the accident without much damage. Episode One, “In My Time of Dying”, introduces us to the Reaper, or one of them, anyway. Tessa, who Dean mistakes for a ghost, at first, is really there to take Dean to where , Hell or Heaven, we are not sure. She is just trying to ease him into the idea of dying. John finds out about this and makes a deal with the demon that they have been hunting, “Yellow Eyes”, the focus of this season. John calls on this demon and offers to take Dean’s place… But, “Yellow Eyes” wants something a little better; John and the Colt, the gun that can kill anything. The deal is made, John is dead, Dean is alive, and now Dean has one more thing to feel guilty about.

There is a clown in the next episode, so fuck that.

This season really breaks away from the typical urban legend type shit and delves more into the creatures of the night, vampires, werewolves, rougarous. So the are some vampires, some witches (which Dean really hates), and Ellen and Jo take a more prominent role as a sort of replacement for Dead John.

We get a cool introduction to the Crossroads Demon, a recurring set of characters throughout the series, and shapeshifters (also known as mandroids), and various other monsters.

Meg makes an appearance, although in a different body.

Another of my favorite characters is introduced in this season, the Trickster! He shows up and causes some chaos on a college campus and Sam and Dean have to kill him… or do they?

They don’t. He will be back in a few seasons.

Before the 2 part finale, there is a cool episode introducing the djinn, a creature that feeds on blood, but keeps their victims sedated by making them dream their happy place.

One other thing to mention, Sam has been having more of his death visions, psychic premonitions of people’s deaths. This really troubles him now, because he feels like Dean would not understand and that many hunters would rather hunt him than understand what is going on.

And the finale…

Sam finds himself in some ghost town with four other of Azazel’s children. That is “Yellow Eyes” for those of you watching at home. The reason they are brought together is pretty unclear. Sam feels like they should work together to stop Azazel, but it quickly becomes clear that they all have their own fucking agenda… some psychopath Darwinian kind of thing. Azazel wants the strongest among them to kill the others and lead an army from Hell. Of course, this is a promise from a demon, so not much trust in that. In the, after much killing, it is down to Sam and Jake, a gung-ho type that is physically invincible. think Unbreakable without Bruce Willis. Jake stabs Sam in the back, killing him.

In the final episode, Dean makes a deal with a Crossroads Demon to give up his soul in 12 months in exchange for Sam coming back to life. This episode also shows the release of countless demons from Hell because Azazel gave the Colt to Jake who used it as a key to open the gates of Hell. Good times.

John comes back from Hell and helps the boys kill Azazel with the Colt. Finally, John’s spirit moves on and now the group has a shit ton of demons to deal with… but that is next season.

Hope you like these reviews. Give me some comments and let me know what you think about each season.

Check out Season One here.

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