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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 1: Black

I have been eagerly awaiting this episode, excited to see where the show will take the brothers this season. Of course, like everyone else, I was really curious what would become of Dean, especially with the last episode of season 9 leaving me hanging with a quick shot of Dean as a demon. I guess I was expecting just that – Dean as a demon. However, it turns out the mark of Cain is keeping Dean going, and he’s not a demon at all, rather just the darkest parts of himself he’s managed to keep buried for the last 9 years. Instead, I watched Crowley and Dean basically party their asses off, with no consequence. And, yeah, Dean still needs to feed the Mark to keep him going. Apart from some really really bad karoke singing on Dean’s part, the rest of his days seemed to be on repeat: Drink, kill random demon, make his snarky comments with Crowley, repeat…
So what is Sam doing?? I’m not sure. The roles are finally reversed, with Sam being the one trying to save his brother, for a change. His methods are a bit backwards, but hey, that’s Sam. I watched him torture a demon and drink her blood, then it quickly cut to Sam with an injured right arm?? He’s been tracking Crowley and Dean of course, but really?? He can’t find them at some random roadhouse? I’m only guessing the blood binge will bring about Sam’s need to confess later, and cleanse as he’s done in the past. Then, maybe his pure blood will be the method for bringing his brother back to humanity.
Then there’s Castiel. Cass is weak as his borrowed grace is wearing down. Soon he’ll die. Wait…why didn’t Cass just get his grace back from Metatron? Or from one of the rogue angels he and Hanna are trying to bring back to Heaven? That would have actually been a quick fix for at least one of the rogues. Cass could’ve taken their grace, healing himself, and not killing, but sending that rogue back to Heaven. More or less. But since I’ve actually WATCHED all the episodes, I’m a little confused when they decide to change up the rules.
There was a new character introduced, Cole. Cole appears to be some renegade hunter of sorts, who clearly knows Dean as well as what’s become of him. He manages to kidnap Sam. Really?? Ok, so he kidnaps Sam, calls up Dean and threatens the life of his younger brother. But, guilt free Dean doesn’t fall for the bait and swears he’s going to hunt down Cole whether or not he decides to kill his little brother. I have no clue where this Cole came from, but he’s on some sort of mission to kill, with Dean being said mission.
Ok, I know this was just the first episode, and it was a good one. I’m just as excited to watch next week’s episode. I feel like I have an idea where everything is headed, but then again, I’m just guessing.
My Rating: 4.5/5

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