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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 10: The Hunter Games


Supernatural is finally back after a fantastic mid-season finale which really left us hanging! Last we saw, Dean had just slaughtered a room full of men. Not demons, or monsters, just lousy human beings. Episode 10, “The Hunter Games” picks up shortly after Dean’s killing spree. One look at Dean and it’s clear he’s filled with a combination of remorse, guilt, and dread. What is the Mark of Cain turning him into? Is he powerless to stop it? Sam and Castiel are discussing the horrors of what Dean has done (as they allow him to roam freely around the bunker…which confuses me since in the past behavior even half as violent as this would have gotten the brother responsible an immediate visit to their version of solitary…) anyway, Dean walks in, after clearly overhearing at least part of the conversation. Dean calls what he’s done “a massacre” and implores Cass to assist in ridding him of the MOC by any means possible. Unfortunately, Castiel reminds the brothers that the Mark is as old as Creation itself and therefore probably predates any lore known about it. He mentions that if they still were in possession of the demon tablet, perhaps they’d have more info to go on, then Cass tells the guys that there may be another way….

Castiel then waits impatiently at a children’s playground, were the sandbox turns out to be a portal to Heaven. There was a punk-rock angel guarding the gates, which is probably the coolest angel I’ve seen so far! Castiel has persuaded Ingrid, a fellow angel who shares Castiel’s belief that humans must be protected, to spring Metatron from his eternal prison. Metatron? Seriously? Come one, Cass, is there ANY reason to think Metatron will be willing to help or cooperate in any way, shape, or form? Especially with Metatron’s parting words the last time he saw Cass…which were along the lines of “When I get out of here, everyone dies.” What could Cass possibly have to offer in exchange for Metatron’s help? NOTHING. He has nothing to offer. Regardless, Cass brings Metatron back to the bunker where he is chained and bound by sigils. Sam takes the first shot at Metatron, which was utterly ridiculous. However when Dean steps in, Metatron seems to genuinely fear him. After some threats from Dean, Metatron informs the brothers that there are several steps to removing the MOC. HE tries bargaining which only pisses Dean off. Dean tells him that there will be no bargaining, that he will give up every piece of information that’s asked of him, else Dean will carve and slice it out of him.  Metatron finally gives up and tells them the first thing they’ll need in order to remove the Mark. And the first item turns out to be the First Blade. Just the idea of putting the First Blade anywhere even near Dean is a scary thought. The Blade and the Mark need each other. The feed off each other, more or less. Now Sam traded the First Blade with Crowley for Dean’s location back when he was still searching for his big brother.

dean metatron

Speaking of Crowley, the episode began with Crowley having a nightmare of several of his minions stabbing him to death. He wakes to find Rowena hovering over him, playing the concerned mommy role. She’s quite terrible at faking her concern, and Crowley has already picked up on this. When he leaves his throne room, we quickly get a glimpse of Rowena removing a hex bag from behind Crowley’s throne. (Remember she is/was a pretty powerful witch) It’s hard to determine what her plan is exactly…it’s clear that she is trying to set demons up who work closely with Crowley, I’m guessing for nothing more than to gain a modicum or trust from her son.

Sam and Dean meet up with Crowley to ask for the First Blade so they can remove the Mark of Cain.  Crowley is completely against this idea, as he knows what happens to Dean when he’s in possession of it. The brothers manage to convince him and Crowley says he needs to go retrieve it from where he keeps his human bones hidden. Rowena, however, has been listening and watching this whole conversation via some whacky spell she whips up. She sends one of Crowley’s most trusted demons to go fetch the Blade right away, insisting it’s not only Crowley’s wishes but  also she’s convinced him that fetching the Blade right away will be good for his position & gain Crowley’s favor. I don’t know how anyone can take Rowena seriously as she’s about as sincere as a bucket of mud and as convincing as a pull-string talking doll. My point is, she’s awful. Crowley should just stick her in some prison in hell for eternity, if for no other reason than the fact that she named poor Crowley FERGUS!. That’s reason enough for imprisonment. Anyway, Crowley arrives as his crypt only to find the First Blade is missing!  Soon, I’m sure Rowena’s motivations and intentions will be much clearer.

crowley rowena

There was also a tiny bit of Castiel and Claire this episode. Cass had Claire set up in a hotel. When he returns with food, he finds Claire packing up to leave. Packing what? Last we saw she had nothing more than the clothes on her back, and now, she’s pulling stuff from the closet, dresser drawers, etc…Claire says she’d hoped she would have been done and gone before Cass returned. She explains to him that though she understands he feels bad about what happened to her father, that she just can’t stay with him, as she only sees someone wearing her dad, basically. Castiel tries to tell her that all he wants is to help her get on her feet on a path to having a good life. Claire just doesn’t want to hear it. We next see Claire hanging around a campfire with what I’m guessing is a homeless couple. A young guy and girl who probably ran away from home. The way they talk you get the distinct feeling they’ve been surviving day to day on the streets. Claire is complaining about her father being dead and the guy who killed him wanting to make things better for her (meaning Cass) and the guy who killed Randy being friends with the guy who killed her dad (meaning Dean). Randy was the man who was helping her before he sold her off to pay his debt. So this young couple offer to help Claire take care of Dean. However when Dean arrives to meet Claire and talk things out, the young man is about to attack Dean when Claire shouts “STOP”. Jeez Claire, make up your frikken mind!!! Finally we see her walking down a road hitch hiking when Castiel pulls up along side of her. Nothing remarkable is said, but it seems she’s ready to forgive Cass and start to move on with her life. Personally, I felt the whole Claire part was completely unnecessary. What was the point?

Things are really getting crazy with the MOC. Unfortunately Cass had to return Metatron to Heaven, as he gave his word to do so. What are the other steps to removing the Mark? All of that just for one step? Unless they can locate the demon tablet, it seems Dean’s going to be stuck with it for quite awhile. Unfortunately the longer it’s on him, the darker he becomes. All in all this was a really good, juicy episode!

My Rating: 4.5

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